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GreenyLiving.com provides home-owners, designers and those in the home construction and remodeling industry with the most in-depth news and information surrounding eco-friendly and sustainable products for home remodel projects.

Home remodeling projects are stressful. We’ve been there. Whether you are just starting your planning or you’re well into your project and need to make a quick decision, GreenyLiving.com is the best way to get the information you need about a wide range of products that are involved in remodels and other home projects. Making the wrong choices can have a negative impact on your time, your money, and our environment.

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The GreenyLiving Team

Will Kelty, President

Will is an active real estate investor and has ‘flipped’ several properties in California and his current project is a large appartment building in Texas. His remodeling projects focus on a balance between function, design, budget and the environment. Will co-founded MagnaWare Inc. in 1999. An innovator in the recruiting software industry for the past 8 years, Will sold MagnaWare Inc. to Talent Technology Corporation in 2006. Will has previously done business development and marketing work for companies including Panasonic, Remedy, Xerox, Logitech and Visioneer. Will is also the founder and president of CITC Productions, a film and television production company whose credits include the award-winning documentary “A Flash of Light”, “The Mamas and the Papas” and “All the Kings Men”.


David Putnam, Co-Founder

David’s passion for home improvement started two decades ago with his first residential investment. That initial condo parlayed into multifamily dwellings, single family homes, and the remodeling (still a green work-in-progress) of his own home in Northern California. The waste produced by home and rental improvement efforts, and a desire to leave the planet better off for his two kids, led David to share eco-friendly remodeling alternatives with other homeowners. His passion for internet advertising, social networking, and sales has been fed by various leadership positions at Microsoft, Siemens and Yahoo! David is also a member of the eWaste committee for the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA).


Aaron Zitzer, Co-Founder

Aaron takes a hands-on approach to most of his remodeling projects. Most recently, he rebuilt his kitchen from scratch (at the start of the ‘building’, all you could see was dirt, foundation, wall studs and roof). Aaron has bought and sold real estate as a Realtor in California and has held senior marketing roles with consumer and technology companies including Tivo, LinkedIn, Siemens and others.


Katrina Berg, Writer

Katrina’s obsession with architecture began when she was young. After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture, she enjoyed working as a City Planner for the city of Las Vegas, a project manager for a design-build firm, an a designer for a Las Vegas Landscape Architect, as well as a Civil Engineering Firm in Midway, Utah. Forever designing the green home of her dreams, Katrina would love to live off the grid one day. Wife to one, mother of three children 3 and under, she enjoys sharing her dreams and goals with her family. A life long commitment to learning is her mantra as she seeks to find peace, joy and balance. Katrina’s other passions include painting, dancing, cycling, reading, and cooking. Writing on a blog each day, The Daily Delights, Katrina sets and evaluates her life goals and progress.