How to Fix a Swamp Cooler Bottom From Leaking?

Fix a Swamp Cooler Bottom from Leaking

The spilling of water from air coolers is one of the most prevalent ongoing issues that most users experience. Although it’s clear which water is flowing from, especially if it is the water you have set in the device, it’s unclear what’s triggering the water storage tank to leak. Water dripping from the swamp cooler … Read more

What Are the Best Swamp Cooler Pads?

What are the Best Swamp Cooler Pads

If you use an evaporative cooling system, such as a swamp cooler, you’ll need to replace your pads frequently. If you don’t, your cooling system could cultivate harmful bacteria and spread them throughout your home, putting you and your family at risk of inhaling them and hurting your respiratory systems. We’ll look at five of … Read more