Does an Evaporative Cooler Increase Humidity?

Most people prefer calling the evaporative coolers swamp coolers, and many things such as humidity can affect them. The swamp coolers are in areas with low moisture or dry areas such as Texas since too much water can affect them and degrade their performance. It is most likely for them to fail to function in high humid areas because the humidity increases the mercury level in the coolers and fails to work as usual.

If you are wondering if the evaporative swamp coolers increase humidity, the answer is yes. Many people prefer investing in evaporative swamp coolers due to their many advantages, such as they act like air conditioners in cooling down a scorching place. Also, when using the evaporative swamp cooler, there are some precautions you need to follow carefully, such as cleaning it more often and removing any dirt and dust present.

Luckily, the article below gives a clear answer if the evaporative coolers can increase humidity. Also, it shows the best buying guide of the evaporative coolers, including the frequently asked questions concerning the same. Therefore, you should review the article below carefully and thoroughly understand the evaporative coolers before deciding to purchase them.

Does an Evaporative Cooler Increase Humidity?does evaporative cooler increase humidity

The response to that question is clear, and it is yes. Evaporative cooling indeed raises moisture levels. The amount that the moisture content within a unit rises depends on the outside moisture levels, exterior temperature, the intended temperature, and the type of evaporative cooling system utilized.

It’s worth noting that introducing some humidity into the atmosphere has its advantages. For instance, in an industrial plant or structure, 40 to 60 percent moisture content prevents the spread of particles and pathogens. Additionally, it provides comfort because dry air can aggravate the eyes and neck, especially the throat.

 As a result, it is critical to have a weather management program that offers sufficient moisture for staff to feel at ease while also protecting them from the eternal transmission of infection. For example, if you compare coolers to conventional active evaporative coolers, Oxycom’s proprietary two different evaporative cooling systems assure a 60percentage point reduction in moisture thus providing a pleasant interior environment for the residents.

Evaporative Coolers in the Best PlacesEvaporative Coolers in the Best Places

When employed in outside or moderate environments, evaporative swamp coolers are efficient and effective cooling options. In dry, hot weather, you can also utilize them indoors. Use the information below for more understanding.

  • Usage in the Outdoors

Evaporative coolers are excellent exterior chilling options in any situation. When you wheel them into position, switch them in, and fill them with water, they instantly begin blowing cool air.

Decking, picnics, gardens, and enclosed terraces are all commonly used types. Choose the Hessiare evaporative cooler for huge exterior settings. Evaporative coolers for the outdoors are available.

  • Uses that are mid exterior

Irrespective of the moisture levels, evaporative coolers are appropriate for use in semi-outdoor settings. Their massive features and instant chilling make them suitable for semi-outdoor spaces such as basements, enclosed patios, among others.

While using your evaporative cooler in parking, keep the garage door partially open to let adequate ventilation in. The Hessaire MC37M is a standard garage conditioning option.

  • Usage in the Corporate Sector

Industrial evaporative coolers are popular since they are strong, massive, economical to operate, and easy to navigate. They can be seen chilling buildings, industrial event spaces, concerts, sporting activities, shipping docks, and stables, among other places. For usage on army facilities and public activities, Portacool offers numerous advertising evaporative coolers, such as the Portacool Cyclone.

  • Usage in the Home

Inside all day, evaporative coolers can be employed, but only in dry, extreme heat. In moist areas, they are not the best for interior applications. When utilized inside, a clean air supply such as an open window is also necessary.

Factors to consider when buying an evaporative coolerFactors to consider when buying an evaporative cooler

Evaporative coolers are a fantastic way to calm when the temperature rises, especially during the summer season. Evaporative coolers, often known as swamp coolers, are low-maintenance, low-cost. They decrease the interior temperature by combining the air cooling characteristics of room temperature water with a convenient option for constant wind.

But how would we, the common folk, figure out which evaporative cooler to purchase? What are the most crucial features to look for when buying an evaporative cooler? Several frequent aid instructions are in the information below;

1. Choosing the right size

You must measure the size of the evaporative cooler you will purchase depending on the quality and size of the chilling region. The expression is usually in the number of cubic foot air meters per minute (CFM) that the whole device can push into space. The most straightforward approach to do this is to use the following formula:

CFM created by the chiller = house size (square feet) X roof height (feet) and divide the total by 2

2. The maintenance of the evaporative coolerThe maintenance of the evaporative cooler

Whereas portable evaporative swamp coolers and glass door evaporative swamp coolers need a bit of typical upkeep, they both need low in the long run. The efficiency and lifespan of your evaporative air cooler are determined mainly by routine maintenance and the correct memory capacity of the device.

To prevent dirt, filth, molds, and fungal growth, wash the swamp cooler filter and spray sheets of the portable evaporative swamp cooler once every two weeks using tepid liquid and a light solution, mainly if the unit is often for extended periods. T

The portable evaporative swamp cooler’s outside shell must also be wiped with a moist sponge regularly. When complete with your portable swamp cooler for the summer, brush it down, dump the water reservoir, remove the filter and water veil, and run the fan-only mode for a couple of minutes, around 30 to 60 minutes, to properly dry it before keeping it.

Setting the evaporative swamp cooler for springtime and closing it down last season when it is no longer necessary is among the essential upkeep duties for evaporative coolers and increases its lifespan. Replace the damp pads, wash the more excellent pump, and lubricate the engine to ready your glass door swamp cooler for summer use.

Remove any surplus liquid from the swamp cooler and water supply connection, unhook the water pipes, enclose the swamp cooler, and remove it from the source of electricity to put it down for the wintertime season, mainly if it won’t be for a long time.

3. Selecting a cooler filter

In an evaporative cooler, the more excellent filter captures particulate matter dust particles, trash, and air pollutants. In evaporative cooler filters, there are typically two different kinds of pads. The first one is hardwood fiber, and the other is honeycomb pads, which are hard medium pads.

Stiff media pads are costlier than flexible media pads, but they need less care and endure for generations. Fiber pads are less expensive, but they need more upkeep and repair.

4. Choosing wherever you want to put it

There are several different evaporative coolers on the sale, and you must select one depending on your needs. If you want to relocate the swamp cooler from one area to the next, you must purchase a portable cooler. Dune coolers or ducting coolers, on the other side, are your best choice if you want to mount your swamp cooler to your window since they are easy to install.

5. Understand if you need an evaporative coolerUnderstand if you need an evaporative cooler

Since low humidity collects some of the water as it flows over it, the warmth in a room falls. As a result, only a few water particles convert to gas particles, and you can transfer the heat to a cooler temperature.

The region near the circulatory area is immediately chill as a result of all of this. It shows that air conditioners work best in the summertime when the moisture is low. If you live in a home where these conditions exist, you must invest in an evaporative cooler.

Frequently asked questions:

  • How can I get something best out of my evaporative cooler’s air circulation?

Evaporative coolers function best in minimal moist environments, either inside or outdoors. Ensure your evaporative cooler has continual fresh air to keep the evaporation process up. Unlike traditional air conditioning units, it implies that you need to leave a big window to enable airflow to draw in dry weather while removing excess moisture from the evaporative cooler.

It will take some trial and error to get the perfect blend of drier, clean air, and much moisture conditioning air, but it is possible. If you reside in an arid region, an evaporative cooler can provide you with cooler air for less cost.


Sometimes, you may wonder if the evaporative swamp cooler can increase moisture in the room or the environment you are using it. The correct answer is in the article above. Please read it carefully and see how it increases the moisture in the room. Also, consider the buying guide of the evaporative coolers to get the best one that suits your needs.

If you are using an evaporator in different places, consider choosing the best one that suits that particular place. For example, if you want an evaporative swamp for commercial purposes, research the best one that is essential in that place. Above all, don’t forget to maintain and service your evaporative swamp cooler according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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