How Many Open Windows Does a Swamp Cooler Need?

A swamp cooler is a device that needs windows to be open for it to work effectively. The windows can be in the ventilation area, and some can be the outside doors that need to be available to provide air to the cooler when running.  The windows offer an open space to get out the hot air in the house and bring the cool fresh air inside. The windows help the air vents in providing atmosphere.

When fixing the windows, ensure you use the right side of the house and the correct number to provide fresh air inside. Windows are essential since they help the pads to absorb water and soak in them. They can also help in controlling the air conditioner to pull air that blows the house. Before deciding on the number of windows, you need to consider checking the size of the house and the cooler.

The article below shows how many open windows a swamp cooler needs to work in the house. The number of the windows depends on the size of the house and the size of the windows you are using to blow air. When the home is significant, the number of windows increases, and that it needs a more prominent place. After that are the frequently asked questions, and lastly, the conclusion summarizes the whole guide.

How many open windows does a swamp cooler need?how many open windows does a swamp cooler need

The number of open windows that the swamp cooler needs to run depends on the house and window factors. The factors are correlated such that you choose one about the other. When the house is big, it needs many windows, while it needs fewer windows when the house is small. On the other hand, when the window size is significant, the house will need fewer windows. Let us narrow down to the factors.

Using the evaporative cooler is a traditional way of cooling the room by bringing fresh air inside. Therefore, you must keep the house with open windows that help to dry the air and damp air out.  It would help if you got the correct position of the windows to get the part of the evaporative cooler to ensure there is a good flow of air through.

When choosing the number of windows the swamp cooler needs, first check the size of the swamp cooler and the space it can cool in a house. If the swamp cooler is small, consider choosing to use many windows in the house, but when the size of the swamp cooler is significant, it means the number of windows must have been less for the place to cool at a comfortable level.

The other factor is the size of the room the swamp cooler is cooling. When the rooms are large, then the swamp coolers need many windows to work. But if the room is small, you should fix fewer windows to work well with the swamp cooler.

The last factor is the size of the window where. When you fix large windows, you will have to use fewer windows, but if the size is small, you need to improve many windows to provide enough air to the swamp cooler.

Therefore, when you need to get the right features and factors, that will be the working process of the swamp cooler. There are steps that you can follow to fix a swamp cooler in a window which is as follows:

  1.  Open the window. You need to install the swamp cooler to let the fresh air in first.
  2.  Put the swamp cooler into the window you are using.
  3. Stack the cinder blocks on the floor of the room under the swamp cooler to help the cooler weight rest on them when installing it.

What is the purpose of the open windows in the swamp cooler

  • Controls the flow of airWhat is the purpose of the open windows in the swamp cooler

Using open windows in the swamp cooler helps increase the flow of air in the swamp cooler, such it will reduce the level of humidity in the house to help cooler. Ensure your window is open the whole time to allow air pressure to get inside the room. The window should be silent to avoid destruction.

  • Maintains the swamp cooler

When you use windows with your swamp cooler, it is part of the maintenance practices for the cooler such that it will perform some other tasks that help in caring for the cooler.  Maintaining the cooler helps increase the lifespan of the cooler so that you can use the cooler for quite some time. 

  • Increases the efficiency of the cooler

Using windows in the swamp cooler helps in increasing the cooler rate of working. All this is because it provides cool air in the house too, that the cooler has less work to cool the home. 

What are the other measures to take apart from fixing windows to the swamp cooler?What are the other measures to take apart from fixing windows to the swamp cooler

When handling the swamp cooler, you need to take preventive measures that help you maintain the cooler’s status for longer. The measures are as follows:

  •   Check the state of pads that if they are old, consider removing them and clean their frames to fix new ones. Ensure you rub the surfaces with a brush to remove the strong stains.
  •   Clean the area around the water pump and all the pipes that aid in water distribution around the water cooler.
  •   Check the electrical components of the cooler and the wiring system such that when they have issues, consider changing them.
  •   Ensure the water supply areas are working thoroughly. The water reservoir must have water to avoid drying of the pads.
  •   Replace the cooler’s older parts, including the cooler pads, the water lines, and other factors.
  •   Always clean the swamp cooler system by removing the dirty particles in the pipes and other areas. If the cooler has muscular strains, use vinegar for cleaning and rub using a brush to remove them.
  •   Try using house plants that help the cooler in providing cool air to the house.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What are the preventive measures to take after using the swamp cooler in the summer season?

After the summer season, you need to keep the cooler in a good place to store it for the next summer season. Therefore, when you have the swamp cooler and need to store it for the next season, you need to follow some steps to make the cooler good for use. Below are the steps you can follow to keep the cooler:

  1. Drain the swamp cooler properly after using the swamp cooler for the following year.
  2. Clean the dirt in the cooler like mineral deposits using a brush that rubs the ground.
  3. Cover the swamp cooler in a particular place to prevent dust from getting in touch with.
  4. You can always check on the cooler by starting it to ensure it is still working.
  • What are the most important things you should know about the evaporative coolers to help you work with them well?

As the cooler user, you should know many things to make work easier for you in the cooling process. The activities include the following:

  1. Remove the mineral deposits by using a brush or a scraper to rub away the tubes to remove the mineral deposits.
  2. Add the lubricant at the start of the summer season or during the spring season when you want to use the cooler.
  3. Follow the maintenance practices by following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  4. Ensure you use clean water that the system is supposed to work with for effective operation of the unit.
  5. Use the evaporative cooler on days with less humidity.
  6. Practice using houseplants in the house that aid the cooler I am working on, increasing its lifespan.
  7. Adhere to the room size specifications to get the most out of the cooler.
  8. Always use windows in the swamp cooler.


Using open windows with the swamp cooler is an essential task in the house since it helps the swamp cooler in many ways, like providing fresh and cool air to the house. While they support the coolers in performing their activities in the place, it is a way of increasing the lifespan of the coolers since they do not strain to work. The article above shows the possible reasons why you must use windows in the house. There are also the number of windows you can use with the cooler, which depends on the size of the house.

Therefore, follow the article carefully to identify the number of open windows to use with your room. Remember to check the size of the house and the swamp cooler before deciding on the number of windows you will use with your cooler. When installing the swamp cooler in the windows, follow the proper steps to avoid fixing it in the wrong way. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when working with the swamp cooler to avoid repairing things incorrectly.

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