Types of Evaporative Coolers & Best Brands to Know

Types of Evaporative Cooler

Evaporative coolers provide excellent air quality. Importantly, they do not need chemical refrigerants and instead rely on water’s inherent cooling capacity. Compared to refrigerant AC systems, evaporative coolers require less maintenance, consume less electricity, and are considerably less prone to spill toxic chemicals. When purchasing an Evaporative cooler, it’s essential to have a basic understanding … Read more

The Mystery of the Eco-Friendly Shower Head

The mystery of the eco-friendly shower head is that you can reduce water consumption without sacrificing the quality of your shower. By installing an eco-friendly shower head, you will gradually reduce your use of water and save money on your water bill. However, a word of caution: some people report that they still experience a … Read more

Why is Eco-Friendly Cleaning Expensive?

Why is Eco-Friendly Cleaning Expensive?

Cleaning products tend to be expensive because they are made from petroleum. These cleaning products can contain a number of chemicals, some of which are carcinogenic. These chemicals aren’t biodegradable, and they also emit harmful fumes that can cause respiratory problems as well as other illnesses. Cleaning products that are eco-friendly don’t contain these harmful … Read more