How to Change Out and Replace a Swamp Cooler Motor

A swamp cooler motor is essential and functions by letting moist or cool air into the device and letting out hot air leaving the room cool. It is also known as an air conditioner since it performs the same function as the fan. Sometimes, the motor may fail to function due to several reasons. The reasons include; failure to grease the motor or using the wrong greasing agent that results in the motor failing to function.

The problem of a swamp cooler motor failing to function is common, and many users experience it. If you also have an issue, don’t worry since it is fixable. The best way is to follow the steps carefully to get accurate results. Before beginning the process, ensure you have all the essential materials and help you complete the process. Also, ensure you disconnect the swamp cooler motor from the power supply source to prevent electrical issues such as blowing the unit’s internal parts.

The article below gives a brief description of how to change the swamp cooler motor. Also, it states the process of uninstalling the pulley present in the fan motor. It concludes by showing the frequently asked questions concerning the swamp cooler fan and including a brief conclusion.

How to Change Out and Replace a Swamp Cooler MotorReplace a Swamp Cooler Motor

The user usually does the process of replacing the swamp cooler motor in most cases. But if the user cannot perform the duty, they must seek help from an expert. A swamp cooler motor distributes the moisture or cool air around the home or where applicable. The engine’s performance may degrade over time, or it may have a physical defect. If you change the defective motor, your swamp cooler must be in good working order again. The instructions below will assist you with replacing the motor.

a) Collect all the materials that are essential in completing the process

The materials necessary include the following;

  1. A screwdriver.
  2. A wrench.
  3. Pry bar.
  4. New evaporative swamp cooler motor.

b) Uninstall the Access Panel

Switch off the electricity. Disconnect the evaporative swamp cooler from the power socket for extra safety. It will save you from getting electrocuted. Unplug the screws that keep the access panel in position with your screwdrivers. Please put them in a secure location.

c) Loosen the Belt

 The motor is normally connected to a motor belt that passes through the pulley. Unscrew that hold the motor belt in place using your screwdriver and a wrench. Disconnect the motor and pulley belts. Examine the belt’s status. It is preferable to change it if it becomes torn or broken. Get a belt that looks like the old one.

d) Disconnect the motor

Disconnect all cables from the evaporative swamp motor. Loosen the screw that keeps the pulley in position using your screwdriver and wrench. Remove the bolts that hold the motor to its mounting. Eliminate the problematic motor from the equation and set it away.

e) Wipe Down the Insides

With the idler pulley out of the way, now is a perfect time to wash the inside of the evaporative swamp cooler. Wipe filth from the inside of the device using a gentle, wet cloth.

f) Replace the old motor with a new one

Take the new motor out of the package. It should be mounted on the frame. To lock the motor in position, tighten all of the bolts. Remove the screw that secures the pulley in position and replace it.

To make the pulley function efficiently, make sure it is perfectly coordinated. Secure all screws using your screwdriver and a wrench. Connect the new motor to any cables you may have removed previously. Please make sure the wires are in the same place they were previously.

g) Attach the fan motor belt

Reconnect the motor belt to its original position over the engine and pulleys. With the aid of the belt adjuster, set the right pressure on the belt. Put the screws that hold the belt in position once you’ve achieved the desired pressure.

h) Put the Evaporative Cooler to the Test

It’s advisable to double-check that the new installation motor works fine before returning the case. It enables you to make changes if anything isn’t working properly. Connect the chiller to a power outlet.

Turn on the cooler to see if it works properly. Replace the access panel once you’re confident that it’s working well. Using the screwdrivers that were revealed right, lock the panel. Clean the cooler’s outside using a moist, clean and soft microfiber.

Steps on how to remove the pulley present in the swamp coolerSteps on how to remove the pulley present in the swamp cooler

Sometimes, the pulley may be the reason why the swamp cooler motor is failing to function correctly. In such an instance, you may need to get rid of the faulty pulley and replace it with a new one that functions correctly. Luckily, the information below states some of the steps you can take to remove the pulley from the motor.

Step 1: Disconnect the unit from the power supply source

Before beginning the process, first, ensure you have all the necessary materials to carry out the process. The materials include the following;

  • Screwdriver or a wrench.
  • New pulley.

Proceed to disconnect the swamp cooler from the power supply source. To complete the process, begin by switching off the breaker switch and ensuring no power flows into and out of the swamp cooler. Turning off the breaker switch turns off the whole system, and normally, you can do the process through the breaker box.

Step 2: Locate the position of the cooler

After successfully switching off the power supply source, locate the position of the back panel and remove it gently by lifting it and distant from the swamp cooler unit. Be careful when carrying the process to avoid damaging the internal parts of the system.

Step 3: Remove the swamp cooler belt

Find the location of the motor belt and take the faulty motor pulley from its position.

Step 4: Reinstall the new motor pulley

When you are done with removing the faulty motor pulley, take a new one that suits your swamp cooler effectively and attach it gently to the motor shaft. Using a screwdriver or a wrench, proceed to tighten it. Avoid overtightening as it may result in the motor belt breaking.

Step 5: Reinstall all parts correctly

When done with the whole process, replace all the parts to their correct position. Connect the unit to the power supply source and test it to see if it is functioning correctly. If the issue persists, seek help from an expert before damaging other parts.

Frequently asked questions:

  • How can I increase the speed of my pulley?

Carefully release the set screw that connects the pulley to the driveshaft to enhance blower velocity. Fasten the setscrew after moving or turning the pulley clockwise on the shaft one turn. Rotate the pulley two turns counterclockwise if you want extra speed.

  • How can I protect my swamp cooler motor from overheating?

Preventing your swamp cooler motor from heating more than usual is a crucial aspect of your direct evaporative system upkeep. Your swamp cooler engine may burn and shut down for a myriad of purposes. Here are a few points to consider if that occurs.

  1. Examine the unit Shaft Bearings

a pair of shaft bearings, often known as “squirrel cage” shaft bearings, will be in your swamp cooler motor. Add a lubrication outlet to each of these shaft bearings. Ensure there’s enough oil in such shaft bearings for them to rotate smoothly. If there isn’t enough oil in these bearings, they can lock, causing the swamp cooler engine to burn.

2. Take off the side wall cover of the swamp cooler motor.

Quickly unplug the screws from the swamp cooler’s rear side panel to obtain entry to the swamp cooler’s internal parts, such as the swamp cooler engine. After removing the bolts, you must take out the rear panel and moist cooling pad to reveal the inside parts.

 3. Examine the stiffness of your motor belt.

The panels of your evaporative swamp cooler will pull out, revealing the water pump, engine, and belting fan on the interior. When inside, examine the motor belt that connects the swamp cooler motor to the fan for tightness.

It must be neither too stiff nor too slack. Your swamp cooler motor may burn if the fan belt pressure is improper. In general, the pressure of your fan belt must have approximately one inch of slack.

4. Verify that the amperage is correct.

Your swamp cooler’s motor is meant to launch much below a certain power. The motor can burn if there is too much input power to it. Internal cabling and circuits can be damaged by too much electricity. To prevent damage and overheating, we ensure you’re using the correct current for the cooler motor.


The article summarizes how to change out or replace the swamp cooler motor. Egin by disconnecting the power supply source and following the other steps carefully. While carrying out the process, be careful on how to handle the internal parts or any part you are going to disconnect and reinstall back.

Finally, check the voltage you are using when using the swamp cooler. Also, service the cooler, especially the motor and lubricate it often to increase its performance. In addition to that, use the correct lubricant.

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