How to Replace an Evaporative Swamp Cooler Fan Motor Belt

Sometimes, your evaporator swamp cooler fan motor belt may fail to function as usual and require some repair or replacement. In such a situation, you will be required to replace the motor belt at some point. Most people prefer calling the evaporator swamp cooler an air conditioner as it makes good use of the water available in the reservoir to cool down the air. Most people use it in places that have low moisture.

It usually functions by allowing airflow through the wet filter to cool down hot swamp evaporative parts such as the fan motor engine. There are many reasons why your evaporative swamp cooler fan motor belt may fail to function as usual, and some of the reasons include; faulty belt, a loose belt, among others. In such a situation, it is advisable to fix the issue immediately to bring your evaporative swamp cooler to correct functioning.

Luckily, the article below describes how to replace a faulty evaporative swamp cooler fan motor belt if it is faulty. Also, it shows the guide on how to buy the fan motor belt, including the frequently asked questions concerning the same. Therefore, ensure you follow the article after reading it and fully understand how to deal with the situation.

How to Replace an Evaporative Swamp Cooler Fan Motor BeltReplace an Evaporative Swamp Cooler Fan Motor Belt

Routine servicing includes changing a worn evaporative swamp cooler motor belt, which you can do independently or even by an expert. Every evaporative swamp cooler will need a different belt length at most hardware stores or on the internet, such as Amazon and eBay sites. Worn and tear will cause defects in a swamp cooler belt, and portions will begin to fall off.

The following steps will help you replace the worn-out motor belt. Ensure you follow the steps below carefully to obtain the best results.

i. Collect all materials necessary

The materials necessary include the following;

  • A wrench.
  • A new motor belt.
  • A screwdriver.
  • New bolts.

ii. Disconnect the swamp cooler from the power supply source

Ensure you wear an antistatic wrist band to protect yourself from any form of power issues such as electric shock. Also, avoid touching the power supply source with wet hands but rather touch them with dry hands. Finally, ensure the unit is off and no power flows through before proceeding to the next step.

iii. Remove the side panels

After turning off the power supply source, locate the position of the side panels. Slowly remove them from the unit while taking some precautions to avoid damaging other parts of the unit.  The side panels are usually easy to remove since they only need some slight pushing and pulling out. Avoid applying too much force as it may damage the side panels. Proceed to the next step.

iv. Adjust the motor bracket

Every evaporative swamp cooler has a motor bracket. Locate its position and make some adjustments until you reach the recommended measurements that are best. The motor belts are usually at the motor, and they sit on it hence easy to locate.

v. Loosen the bolts

Using a screwdriver and a wrench, adjust the nuts until they are loose. There is no need to uninstall them completely. If the screws are faulty or have accumulated rust, consider using other tools to remove them, such as a mini hacksaw. Also, ensure there are new screws that you can use after replacing the belt rather than the damaged ones.

vi. Lose the nuts on the other side

After removing the front screws, proceed to remove the screws on the other side of the unit. Ensure you unscrew or loosen all the screws before locating the position of the motor belt. You may consider seeking help from a second person or an expert.

vii. Remove the motor belt

Locate the position of the motor belt after removing all the screws. Begin by removing the brackets holding the motor in position and push them side by side or up and down until you remove the belt. Be careful to avoid damaging the brackets or any other part near.

viii. Reinstall the new belt

After successfully removing the faulty belt, proceed to replace it with a new one that functions perfectly. Ensure the belt suits the unit perfectly to avoid damaging other parts of the evaporative swamp cooler unit, such as the motor. Also, a bad belt affects the correct functioning of the motor. Therefore, be cautious and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

ix. Reinstall all parts to the correct position

Once done with the process, proceed to return every part to its correct position. Screw all the bolts using a screwdriver and a wrench to ensure they are tight and not too tight to break. Test the unit to see if it is functioning correctly. If not, check the belt and repeat the process. Also, consider seeking help from an expert to help you identify the problem and fix it successfully.

How to Tighten a Swamp Cooler’s Belt?How to Tighten a Swamp Cooler's Belt

The process of fastening the evaporative swamp fan motor belt is straightforward. The following are the measures to take:

  1. Pry up the filter pad holding using a recommended screwdriver or wrench in all places from one end to another.
  2. Move the bolt around with a socket wrench to release the motor in the movable motor position.
  3. Make sure the motor belt is properly fastened to the motor and fan axle pulleys.
  4. Push the motor back into the sliding mount with a pry bar.
  5. Secure the attachment bolt while holding the swamp cooler motor in position on the slide mount.

Frequently asked questions:

  • How can I replace my evaporative swamp cooler fan motor?

a) Collect all the materials that are essential in completing the process

The materials necessary include the following;

  1. A screwdriver.
  2.  A wrench.
  3.  Pry bar.
  4.  New evaporative swamp cooler fan motor belt.

b) Uninstall the Access Panel

Switch off the electricity. Disconnect the evaporative swamp cooler from the power socket for extra safety. It will save you from getting electrocuted. Unplug the screws that keep the access panel in position with your screwdrivers. Please put them in a secure location.

c)  Loosen the Belt

 The motor is normally connected to a motor belt that passes through the pulley. Unscrew that hold the motor belt in place using your screwdriver and a wrench. Disconnect the motor and pulley belts. Examine the belt’s status. It is preferable to change it if it becomes torn or broken. Get a belt that looks like the old one.

d) Disconnect the motor

Disconnect all cables from the evaporative swamp motor. Loosen the screw that keeps the pulley in position using your screwdriver and wrench. Remove the bolts that hold the motor to its mounting. Assemble the bolts using the screws that were there. Eliminate the problematic motor from the equation and set it away.

e) Wipe Down the Insides

With the idler pulley out of the way, now is a perfect time to wash the inside of the evaporative swamp cooler. Wipe filth from the inside of the device using a gentle, wet cloth.

f) Replace the old motor with a new one

Take the new motor out of the package. It should be mounted on the frame. To lock the motor in position, tighten all of the bolts. Remove the screw that secures the pulley in position and replace it.

To make the pulley function efficiently, make sure it is perfectly coordinated. Secure all screws using your screwdriver and a wrench. Connect the new motor to any cables you may have removed previously. Please make sure the wires are in the same place they were previously.

g) Attach the fan motor belt

Reconnect the motor belt to its original position over the engine and pulleys. With the aid of the belt adjuster, set the right pressure on the belt. Put the screws that hold the belt in position once you’ve achieved the desired pressure.

h) Put the Evaporative Cooler to the Test

It’s advisable to double-check that the new installation motor works fine before returning the case. It enables you to make changes if anything isn’t working properly. Connect the chiller to a power outlet.

Turn on the cooler to see if it works properly. Replace the access panel once you’re confident that it’s working well. Using the screwdrivers that were revealed right, lock the panel. Clean the cooler’s outside using a moist, clean and soft microfiber.


Changing an evaporative swamp cooler fan motor belt is a simple procedure that most do-it-yourself can complete at home. If you’re unsure, hire an expert to do it for you. Please remember that not all cooler units are created equal; while some variations maybe, the fundamentals will remain the same. Obtaining the rusty nuts to loosen up is sometimes the most difficult step, especially on older systems.

When using the evaporative swamp fan motor belt, there are some precautions to take, including checking the belt more often and ensuring they are functioning correctly. If there is an issue, consider replacing them immediately before it worsens and affects the whole evaporative swamp cooler fan motor belt. Finally, seek help if the issue persists or if you cannot fix the issue on your own. 

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