Can You Run An Evaporative Cooler All Day?

Evaporative swamp coolers are commonly known as evaporative coolers. Sometimes, people may wish to run the evaporative coolers all day and keep asking whether it is possible to run the evaporative cooler all day. The answer differs depending on the user.

Sometimes, it is possible to run the evaporative cooler all day since it keeps your place cool every time. Also, it is not possible to run the evaporator all the time. It is not advisable because it is costly and may damage the cooler, especially if you are using it in high humid places.

Luckily, the article below gives a clear answer if it is possible to run the cooler all the time. Also, it shows some of the reasons for running the evaporative cooler 24/7, including the frequently asked questions concerning the evaporative coolers.

Can You Run An Evaporative Cooler All Day?run evaporative swamp cooler all day

Evaporative swamp coolers are a terrific way to keep cool both inside and out. When compared to air conditioners, they are easy to use and cost less. But, one would argue, why not run it for the whole day? Is it possible to operate a swamp cooler the entire day?

It is possible to leave your swamp cooler running all day, but this is not advisable. Greater recharging regularity, higher moisture, higher upkeep, and power waste are the chief causes. Pump malfunction may occur if water is not available for even a short period. The answer is to use a swamp cooler with a constant supply, sufficient circulation and use your evaporative swamp cooler during or around periods when it is available.

Evaporative swamp coolers work differently from air conditioning units in terms of chilling. An evaporative swamp cooler, besides an air conditioner, needs a current leakage of clean air. As a result, in evaporative swamp coolers, lengthy activities won’t make that much difference in chilling if you aren’t at residence for most of the duration.

Reasons for running the evaporative cooler all the time

Reason 1: For the majority of the day, you are not at the houseReasons for running the evaporative cooler all the time

First and foremost, in this instance, I’d like to dispel a widespread misunderstanding. Like an air conditioner, many people believe that using an evaporative swamp cooler for a more extended period rather than turning it on and off results in more effective performance and improved management of chilling and moisture.

It translates to more cooling with less electricity. Such a strategy saves a burst of power, mainly when using inverter technology. Evaporative swamp coolers, on the other hand, are not the same. Evaporative swamp coolers, unlike air conditioners, do not work in small places.

The cooling capacity of an air conditioner inside is far greater than that of a swamp cooler. When opposed to an air conditioner that functions in limited quarters, an evaporative swamp cooler in your house will chill for considerably less duration and amount.

If you run your evaporative cooler all day, there will be a slightly more incredible continuous numbing sensation, but it is usually not worth it. It only takes around 15 minutes to get your more excellent pads concentrated and ready to provide chilly, damp air to their total capacity. So, given all I’ve said, if it doesn’t make a significant difference, it’s much easier to schedule it around your accessibility.

Reason 2: You spend the majority of the day at homeYou spend the majority of the day at home

In this instance, running your evaporative swamp cooler all day is bound to maintain your home at a warmer level. You’ll have to do some preliminary maintenance on your evaporative swamp cooler, particularly the more excellent pads, but your comfort comes first. You’re OK to go if you get a constant refill swamp cooler or one with more significant storage.

It is generally not a problem in a hot climate and semi-arid areas unless you prevent fresh air passage. It is advisable not to utilize swamp coolers in warm and humid places, even if only for a portion of the day. The zones between highly moist and very arid have a wide range of suggested swamp cooler operation times. Reasonably moist or relatively dry, for instance.

In that instance, the amount of time your evaporative swamp cooler should run is determined by relative humidity. The less you operate your evaporative swamp cooler while the moisture in your area is high, the better. The lower the humidity, the greater the swamp cooler’s performance, and the more times you may run it in a day to provide soothing cool air.

Reasons why it is not advisable to run the evaporative swamp cooler for a longer time or all-dayReasons why it is not advisable to run the evaporative swamp cooler for a longer time or all-day

There are several reasons why running your evaporative swamp cooler all day may not be a great idea. For your convenience, there is a list of those blemishes. Take a look at this:

  • With low cooling and more electricity, you can save money

You will lose power if you are not at the house for a significant portion of the day and the evaporative swamp cooler is operating the rest of the time.  One could argue that it is to keep their sitting room cool when they get home.

When you make a comparison to an air conditioner, though, evaporative swamp coolers work differently. Evaporative Swamp coolers need an active circulation of surrounding air in which they work. As a result, contrary to air conditioners, the chilling evaporative swamp coolers will not last forever.

It is far more effective to use the evaporative swamp cooler during times of accessibility if you only stay in your house for a small chunk of the day while the evaporative swamp cooler operates for the whole day. Nevertheless, if moisture and refueling aren’t an issue, you can leave it running all day. However, for a lot of wasted electricity, you only receive a bit better chilling.

  • Moisture Content Increases Inside

As previously stated, an evaporative swamp cooler cools by evaporating water. As a result, it’s normal for your swamp cooler to produce humidity.

Several variables influence the growth in dampness inside, including the diameter of your swamp cooler, the external temperature, and relative humidity, and so on. Another of them is the period that your evaporative swamp cooler is on.

  • Greater Recharges, Greater Disruption

The evaporative mechanism is essential in cooling the evaporative swamp cooler. As a result, the further you get your evaporative swamp cooler, the more water you consume. You’ll have to recharge your water tank more frequently as an outcome. The amount of your storage tank, the length of your evaporative swamp cooler, and the environmental parameters are all essential elements that influence how often you need to recharge your swamp cooler.

Replacing your evaporative swamp cooler numerous times a day might be a constant source of interruption. Manufacturers recommend using an evaporative swamp cooler with a large water tank or, best yet, a swamp cooler with a continuous refill.

In a constant filling swamp cooler, you need always keep a close eye on the water level. Impede the water flow, and the water tank may go empty due to a broken floating or twisted pipe, which is terrible for your evaporative swamp cooler.

  • Servicing Costs are high

Each season, you must have your evaporative swamp cooler inspected and serviced. Nevertheless, if you use it 24/7 a day, it will need to be serviced sooner rather than later. More excellent pads are the most common part that needs replacement. Although they are undoubtedly related to the chilling efficacy of your evaporative swamp cooler, this does not necessarily indicate that they are the most concerning.

Mechanical devices such as motors and pumps are the most critical. Every engine has a lifespan and a maximum frequency. Operating them implies they’ll need replacement sooner rather than later, or your swamp cooler will need replacement.

Examine the belt that connects the blower and the motor during regular servicing. It must be properly tightened and set. Inspect for blockage in the distribution system and apertures. Pad particles can get lodged in them. Depending on how long you run your evaporative swamp cooler, this will increase the occurrence. Use spider cleaner to clean interior distribution lines.

  • Pump Breakdown as a result of a Rough Pump Cycle

The pump is the most severely affected. The phenomenon of your cooler’s pump running dry without water is known as rough pump spin. The evaporative swamp cooler’s pump is a rotational kind that employs water as a lubricating substance. When the pump is empty of water for even a short time, friction between the internal parts leads them to wear down and destroy the pump.

It does not take much time, and it occurs relatively quickly, unlike most other elements, such as more excellent pads, which take much longer to decay. Be cautious; this is something to watch out for in constant coolers and those that need refilling at periodic times.

While you’re resting or engaged with other tasks, your swamp cooler could go empty, destroying your pump. In the case of a malfunctioning floating or a twisted pipe in a constant refill swamp cooler, the same scenario occurs.

How to Make Your Swamp Cooler CoolHow to Make Your Swamp Cooler Cool

  • Annual Use of Your Evaporative Swamp Cooler

If you don’t live in the dunes but still want to attempt evaporative cooling, a mobile evaporative swamp cooler is a better option than a comprehensive one. These compact devices make it simple to shift your chilling from place to place as needed and store the device when the weather outdoors is too humid to use.

Evaporative swamp coolers are most effective when the humidity is 70%. Once it reaches 70 to 80 percent, they lose their edge and even worsen problems by making the air damper. Maintain an eye on the situation if you stay in a region where moisture goes up and down frequently. On hot days, you can utilize your evaporative swamp cooler to limit your central air conditioning usage to a minimum, saving money on your power bills.

  • Activate the Windows

Operating an evaporative cooler necessitates “unpicking” several aspects of regular air conditioning. Swamp coolers benefit from a constant clean airflow, whereas an air conditioner performs optimally in a tight and shielded area. When you operate an evaporative swamp cooler, water evaporates from the surface, creating damp air in the room.

  • Make use of a dehumidifier

If it’s simply too hot to open the windows, you can add a dehumidifier to your cooling armory. A dehumidifier extracts moisture from the air and stores it in a water tank until it’s time to empty it. On its own, a dehumidifier can make your house feel cooler in the summer on a humid day by drying the air and allowing your body’s natural sweat to function more effectively.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What are some suggestions for lowering the cost of evaporative swamp cooling?

There are a few things you can do to make your evaporative swamp cooler function more effectively.

  1. Leave your door open: Unlike other conventional air conditioning, swamp coolers work better when the window frames are slightly cut open.
  2. Employ it when the moisture is below 75%: Cooler is ineffective when the humidity is above 75%. It has the potential to make the air feel wet. For some, this implies only utilizing the cooler during certain times of the year.
  3. Switch on the evaporative swamp cooler before switching on the cooler blower: The device must run for around 15 minutes before the blower is on. Water can flow through the device initially as a result of this.
  4. Ensure the pads are slightly damp: Examining the places before starting the machine will guarantee running smoothly. It will blast hot air if they aren’t moist.
  5. Proper maintenance: Washing the device of any pollutants will help it flow efficiently.


If you ask yourself if it is possible to run the evaporative cooler all day, please read the article above. Know the reasons why it is not advisable to run the cooler all day. Most importantly, seek advice from the manufacturer.

Remember to consider all the factors before buying an evaporative cooler that can run all day. Most importantly, seek help if there is any issue you are unable to solve.

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