What Is the Best Whole House Swamp Cooler?

Evaporative air coolers are a type of air conditioner that uses evaporation as a cooling method. Through a wet media pad, a fan inside the machine sucks in hot, dry air. The heated air quickly warms the top layer of liquid on the Pad, causing the water to evaporate and cooling the air by up to 20 degrees.

The same fan that sucks the hot Pry air in draws the cold, moist air out of the unit, generating a continual airflow through the wet Pad and into the nearby environment. Because they merely operate a fan, these devices utilize less energy than a standard air conditioner.

The water for the Pad comes from an internal tank. It would be best to fill the tank when the level falls too low to keep the air cool. If an evaporative air cooler appears to be an innovative, cost-effective solution for your house, keep reading for crucial shopping tips and a look at some of the top models available.

What is the Best Whole House Swamp Cooler?

1. Best overall: Portable Evaporative Cooler Hessaire MC18MWhat is the Best Whole House Swamp Cooler

500 square feet of coverage

16-pound weight.

Dimensions: 20 x 10 x 28 in.

Manual and continuous water filling options are available.

This alternative, weighing only 16 pounds, is ideal for individuals who want to move the cooler around their home. Despite its small size, it has enough power to illuminate up to 500 square feet of space, making it ideal for a studio apartment, a single room in your home, your garage or workshop, and even a patio.

It’s also easy to use, with a simple control dial on the front of the unit allowing you to quickly cycle between the five settings — two cooling modes and two fan-only modes. You’ll love the various color-way selections that might complement your home’s color scheme if you’re searching for something a little more adventurous than the conventional gray color seen in most options.

  • Both manual and continuous water filling options are available.
  • Instructions that are simple to follow.
  • For larger rooms, the coverage may be insufficient.

2. Best for large rooms: Hessaire MC61MHessaire MC61M

The Hessaire MC61M portable evaporative cooler is ideal. It offers all the necessary features, including a high CFM, a large water tank, and a large covering area. There are two types available: the 5,300 CFM Hessaire MC61M and the 3,100 CFM Hessaire MC37M. In the total review, these are the top evaporative coolers.

The larger variant, the Hessaire MC61M, can provide more cooling airflow than almost any other swamp cooler on the market. The enormous 5,300 CFM can offer the same amount of cooling as a modest central air conditioner. The use of supercharged 3-sided high-density cooling pads is the crucial component here, as it increases the overall surface area from which water may drain, lowering the temperature dramatically.

It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It offers total coverage of up to 1,600 sq ft with 5,300 CFM. That implies it can chill more than one massive room at the same time. In reality, for a small-to-medium-sized home, it can be used as a ventless cooling system.

Hessaire MC61M is a popular choice for outdoor use. If you’re having a picnic or simply a get-together in the middle of a scorching summer, the Hessaire MC61M can give a very soothing and cool breeze.

Furthermore, the Hessaire MC61M has a huge tank capacity. It has a total of 14.6 gallons and is the largest tank found in a home swamp cooler.

The Hessaire MC61only M’s flaw is its 430W power demand. You can easily connect it into a 110/120V outlet, but it will take roughly four amps when set to the top fan speed setting.

The Hessaire MC61M is a well-balanced portable evaporative cooler in general (4 sturdy wheels). It offers the best specifications for this price range, and you can select between two excellent models:

  • Overall, the best specifications.
  • Can provide a substantial cooling airflow of 5,300 CFM (enough to drop temperatures by up to 33°F).
  • To enhance the evaporation surface area, supercharged high-density cooling pads are used.
  • The largest tank, with a total capacity of 14.6 gallons.
  • There are two variants available at a very reasonable price: 5,300 CFM and 3,100 CFM.
  • It consumes 430W of power.
  • It is portable, but it weighs 56 pounds (strong hands needed).

3. Best for small rooms: Comfyhome Evaporative Air CoolerComfyhome Evaporative Air Cooler

N/A in terms of coverage.

29.5-pound weight.

Dimensions: 12.5 x 12.5 x 43 in.

Manual water filling options are available.

This model’s small 12.5-inch footprint makes it an excellent choice for individuals who don’t have enough storage space for a larger unit but still want to cool down their environment. It also has many features, such as four speeds, an oscillation of 80 degrees, and a 15-hour timer, making it one of the most adjustable versions on our list.

The supplied remote can manage all of these settings, and the six-liter tank can last up to seven hours. This cooler is also easy to carry around the room, thanks to a top-mounted handle.

  • The control panel is simple to understand.
  • It’s simple to get around.

  • Not durable enough to be used outside.

What to Look for When Purchasing an Evaporative Air CoolerWhat to Look for When Purchasing an Evaporative Air Cooler

Consider the many types available, as well as the space that needs cooling, the tank capacity, and features like wheels, a timer, and an air swing delivery system, before purchasing an evaporative air cooler for your home.

  • The type of the Evaporative Cooler

The size, mounting location, and angle at which the cool air is delivered are all factors to consider when choosing an evaporative cooler. Portable, window, down discharge, side discharge, and swamp coolers are some of the options.

  • CFM and Cooling Area

When it comes to choosing the best evaporative air cooler for your home, the size of the cooling area is critical. You’ll want to make sure the unit you buy has enough air output to chill the space you’re planning on using it in.

  • The capacity of Water Tank

Hot, dry air is drawn through a wet media pad using evaporative air conditioners. The hot air evaporates the top layer of moisture on the Pad, lowering the air temperature within the cooler by up to 20 degrees. The fan then pushes this cool air out to cool the room. On the other hand, Evaporative air coolers are little more than big fans without a water source to keep the media pad wet.

Internal tanks hold the water for these machines, ranging from 0.1 gallons for tiny, personal units to 10 gallons for whole-home devices. If you want to keep the Cooler running all night, go for one with a 5-gallon tank.

  • Delivery System for Air Swings

The oscillation function found in some evaporative air coolers and most fans is an air swing delivery system. The cooler’s oscillation louvers control how far it can oscillate, often ranging from a fixed position (0 degrees) to a 120-degree arc. Oscillation settings of 40 degrees and 70 degrees are also standard, allowing customers to customize the cooler’s range of motion.

Another helpful control feature is the ability to adjust the vents. The direction of the cold air flowing from the unit IS changed by changing the angle of the duct. Depending on where people are gathered, the user can direct air to the ground, up into the air, or to the left or right.

Wheels make it easier to transport an evaporative air cooler from room to room and reduce the water in the tank shifting and leaking. These coolers typically have four wheels attached to the base, with two locking wheels to keep the cooler stationery once in place. Keep in mind that even though the cooler has wheels, the water in the tank can spill if it is yanked or moved over the floor quickly.

Timer capabilities allow the user to program the Cooler to run based on personal preferences and water level in the tank. Without the worry of running out of water, the unit can be left on until the designated time.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What Are Swamp Coolers and How Do They Work?

The cooling effect of evaporation is used by a swamp cooler, also known as an evaporative cooler. It works similarly to getting out of a swimming pool on a windy day and being cold. Water is pumped to the top of the cooler, where it soaks into the pads. A motor drives a larger blower, which pulls air past the wet Pads and into the house. As the air flows over the wet Pads, it cools, which can help to cool a home.


A new swamp cooler can be an excellent investment for a home, garage, or any other structure that needs to be cooled. When compared to traditional air conditioning, they are less expensive to acquire and install. The only drawback is that they don’t operate well in humid conditions.

As a result, they’re primarily used in desert areas like the American Southwest. Check whether you need a side-draft or down-draft unit before purchasing a new unit for your home. You must make the  Electrical considerations with either 110 or 220 volt AC. Many motors are more efficient when powered by 220 volt AC, but one can also use 110 volt AC devices.

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