How to Winterize an Evaporative Swamp Cooler (With Pictures)

There are different seasons, and you may keep wondering how to keep your swamp cooler functioning correctly in all the seasons, especially the winter season. The process of making your swamp cooler best for different seasons is easy and requires some steps that take less time, even for a beginner. While performing the process, ensure you have the manufacturer’s manual guide with you.

Making your swamp cooler suitable for the winter season requires you to have a warranty period that will cover your losses or any repairs. Before beginning the process, first, ensure you disconnect the unit from the power supply source. The process protects the unit’s internal parts or the whole unit from any form of power issues. Moreover, ensure you drain all the water present in the swamp cooler, and it is clean for effective results.

If you want to winterize your swamp cooler and make it suitable for use during the winter season, don’t worry, you can quickly achieve your goals by reading the article below. Luckily, it provides some steps on how to winterize your swamp cooler. Also, there is other information concerning the swamp cooler and the FAQS. In case there is an issue, don’t hesitate to seek help from an expert.

Reasons why you must winterize your evaporative swamp cooler Reasons why you must winterize your evaporative swamp cooler  

It is an essential component of any house repairs routine. It can extend the life of your evaporative swamp cooler unit by several years. Spend some time learning When and understand the process of how to Pre Soak Your Swamp Cooler. As the seasons change, it’s crucial to keep up with the necessary home upkeep.

The moisture in an evaporative swamp cooler renders the cold air feasible while it is in use and running correctly. However, if left unattended, that very same water can cause the device to fail.

Sitting water and water left in the lines can cause the unit to ice, degrade, and encourage the growth of bacteria. Cleaning it thoroughly and storing it for the winter season are two of the most important items you can do to ensure that your swamp cooler runs well the following year.

Step by step guide on how to winterize an evaporative swamp coolerWinterize an Evaporative Swamp Cooler

Preparing your swamp coolers for the winter season is very important. If you want to winterize an evaporative cooler for the winter season, ensure you de-winterize it to prepare it for another season. De-winterizing is the process of reversing the winter season to other seasons. To winterize the swamp cooler, follow the steps below;

Step 1: Collect all essential materials

Before beginning the process, ensure you have all the essential materials, including the following.

  1. A pair of pliers.
  2. Wrench or screwdriver.
  3. White vinegar.
  4. Sponge.
  5. Small container for bailing out the water present in the swamp cooler.

Step 2: Disconnect the swamp cooler from the power supply source

The first step is to ensure no power flows into the swamp cooler, especially when you want to clean and drain all water present. To carry out the process, find the power supply source and disconnect the unit by turning it off and unplugging it carefully. The process prevents electrical accidents, especially during the winter season, and don’t forget to turn it on once the winter season is over.

Step 3: Locate the water supply valve and switch it offLocate the water supply valve and switch it off

The evaporator or swamp cooler requires a water system valve to carry water into the device in time to retain the padding inside moist or damp. Till the springtime season, this tap water or water supply source valve must be off. The line that connects the water valve and the air conditioning system must be dry thoroughly after shutting off the water supply valve.

By pushing into one side of the pipe, you can now get clear of any remaining water. Keep the pipe somewhere secure and dry. The water within the line may solidify and explode if you fail to dry it out. Ensure you are careful when carrying out the process.

Step 4: Empty the evaporative swamp cooler

Remove any stagnant water from the interior of the evaporative swamp cooler. You can then use a pair of pliers, a screwdriver, or a wrench to unlock the drainage in the base of the evaporative swamp cooler, or you can use a glass jar, which is a small container to empty the standing water.

After you drain the majority of the water away, use towels or cloths to absorb the remaining. It will minimize corrosion or rusting, which is something that a home warranty does not address.

Step 5: Clean the evaporative swamp coolerClean the evaporative swamp cooler

You may clear out the leftover elements within the evaporative swamp cooler unit with a soft cloth and white vinegar. Alternatively, you can apply other recommended materials from selling places such as hardware to remove them. If you have throwaway pads which need some replacement, you have the option of doing it now or in the springtime.

 It’s entirely up to you. If you have disposable high-efficiency pads, make sure they’re completely dry before storing the unit for the wintertime season. If you wish to wash the motor and glide from mineral reserves, you can immerse them in white vinegar longer or overnight.

Step 6: Close or cover the evaporative swamp cooler

Seal the evaporative swamp cooler with a swamp cooler cover once everything inside is completely dry. You must check your cooler unit before buying one because the units must fit snugly. Ensure the sides are tied to prevent the cover from flying away during the winter season. Replace all of the side panels in their original locations and fasten them with hooks or clamps. Your evaporative swamp cooler is now winter-ready.

Frequently asked questions:

If it happens you own an evaporative swamp cooler in your home; you must contact the manufacturer to send service to arrange a winter closure. Here are some of the four compelling arguments to have the manufacturer, such as Wagner, turn off the evaporative swamp cooler this quarterly:

1. When you activate the equipment in the springtime, you can prevent expensive maintenance

A water supply line is included with every evaporative swamp cooler. An HVAC technician must winterize the water supply line first before the winter season begins. It is because the frigid temperatures in any residual water in the lines make it solidify and rupture.

Every water within the water supply line will harden if the temperature drops below 32 ° c and stays there for a couple of minutes, especially an hour, causing the valves to rupture. Clearly said, this will destroy the device and necessitate pricey fixes. It’s preferable to call a good to conduct the evaporative cooler shutdown in advance.

Maintain the warranty on your evaporative cooler

Winterizing the swamp cooler also ensures that the manufacturer’s guarantee still covers the device. The cooler must be properly maintained, according to most manufacturers. Otherwise, the guarantee will be null and invalid. Giving the recommended team a visit to learn more about the unique warranty regulations for your evaporative swamp cooler.

2. Eliminate the need for system cleaning.

Another important reason to turn off your cooler before winter is to avoid dust from collecting within the unit. We’ll clean and cover the cooler once one of our skilled technicians thoroughly inspects it. As previously stated, this protective coating will keep dirt and dust out of the system while also keeping moisture out.

It will go a long way toward extending the cooler’s lifespan. It won’t be paying you much to schedule a closure of your evaporative swamp cooler. Nevertheless, it can help you save a lot of money on repairs and system costs. Furthermore, it facilitates spring start-up by guaranteeing that your swamp cooler is ready to use.

3. Ensure that the swamp cooler system is not in good condition

An evaporative swamp cooler has a lot of mechanical parts, most of which are steel. Any stagnant water left in the unit or water accumulating by winter rainfalls or snow will tarnish and corrode the evaporative swamp cooler system overall, causing it to fail. On top of that, to drain the system thoroughly, Wagner’s professionals precisely cover the swamp cooler to keep humidity out.

But if you have a fiberglass evaporative swamp cooler, this is essential. Stagnant water inside the circulating pump can cause the system to fail. Any remaining water can serve as a breeding ground for bugs and parasites, which can be a major shock when the pipeline is reopened in the springtime season.


There are many reasons why many people wish, or it is essential to winterize your evaporative swamp cooler during the winter season. Please read the article above and understand why it is important to perform the task. Also, ensure you know the importance of winterizing your cooler before proceeding to the next step. If there is any issue while carrying out the process, seek help immediately from an expert or the original manufacturer.

Finally, take some precautions when performing the winterizing process. For instance, ensure you clean the internal and the base of the unit with a soft sponge and rinse them with clean water. Leave them to dry completely to prevent occurrence or rust. Also, service or maintain the unit by following the manufacturer’s instructions. 

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